HOOK, Surrey, UK: Some you win, some you lose, as few entrepreneurs know better than Sir Richard Branson. On the upside are the numbers posted this week by Virgin Media (formerly NTL Group), whose maiden Q4 revenues at £1.08 billion ($2.12bn; €1.60bn) marginally bettered analysts' forecasts.

However, no-one in the Virgin bunker saw fit to mention anything so crude as net loss.

On the downside, Virgin's pricing standoff with NewsCorp's BSkyB on Wednesday saw the latter withdraw its Sky News, Sky Travel and Sky Sports News from the Virgin platform - a move that left a goodly number of subscribers outraged at the withdrawal of their spiritual fix.

Virgin accuses BSkyB of "bullying" and "arrogance"; Sky insists that is asking for a "reasonable price" that "reflects the benefits" it gives to Virgin Media customers.

Data sourced from BBC Online (UK) and BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff