LONDON: Video on demand can add to the reach of TV and extend campaign messaging when television advertising is off air, a report has revealed.

TV and VOD: Friends with Benefits, a joint research study undertaken by Tremor Video, IAB UK, Nielsen and Performics, was based on research of UK consumers and a range of UK ad campaigns and found that VOD can add between 0.19% and 1.33% to the reach of TV.

"This study confirms what we have known to be true – that VOD and TV are friends with benefits – a perfect complement to each other," said Doron Wesly, head of market strategy at New York-based Tremor Video.

"TV advertising does a fantastic job of raising brand awareness. VOD advertising amplifies it further, and can extend the life of a campaign's brand message well after the TV ads stop," he added.

The incremental reach it achieved varied by category, with alcoholic beverages registering by far the greatest increase at 1.33%.

This was followed by technology, on 0.45%, finance on 0.44%, beverages on 0.33% and retail on 0.19%.

The study also found that VOD bolstered brand awareness by 5.5% and helped to extend the life of a campaign when it is no longer running on TV.

This effect was most noticeable amongst "light" TV viewers, classed as those watching less than 14 hours a week, indicating that VOD can be a useful way to reach people who don't watch TV that much.

Maurico Leon, commercial director of Performics, ZenithOptimedia's performance marketing arm, commented: "Using VOD to support a TV campaign and adopting a strategy of heavy VOD presence once the TV campaign has ended means clients can now use VOD to maintain the great work their TV campaign has done in terms of reach and awareness and get an extended audio-visual presence cost-effectively."

It was, he concluded, "a must for any advertiser who cannot be on TV 52 weeks of the year".

Data sourced from IAB; additional content by Warc staff