BOSTON: Video's usefulness as a marketing channel has been reinforced by a recent global survey, which found 87% of marketing, sales and business professionals believe its effectiveness is increasing.

Out of the 280 industry practitioners who took part in the survey conducted by Ascend2, 43% said the marketing effectiveness of video was increasing significantly while 44% said it was increasing marginally.

Only 1% of respondents reported video marketing effectiveness to be decreasing marginally while none of them thought it was decreasing significantly.

"This change in effectiveness is considerable compared to other marketing methods and reflects a fast growing rate of video marketing adoption," said Todd Lebo, CMO and partner at Ascend2, in comments to Marketing Dive.

More than half (51%) said videos with customer testimonial content were the most effective, closely followed by explainer and tutorial videos (50%) and demonstration videos (49%).

Just 13% cited event videos for effectiveness and the respondents also had a relatively low opinion about vlogs (15%) and webinar videos (23%).

While customer testimonial videos were cited as the most effective type of video, the respondents ranked it as the most difficult type of video content to create, Marketing Charts reported.

Meanwhile, tutorial and demonstration videos, which were viewed as being only marginally less effective than customer testimonials, were perceived to be easier to produce, suggesting that this type of content might be better for marketers to target.

Elsewhere, Ascend2 revealed that brand awareness (47%) was the top motivation for marketers to invest in video, followed by increased online engagement (45%) and improving customer education (43%).

To help them with the content, just over a fifth (22%) commission outside specialists, but the great majority (70%) said a combination of outsourced and in-house resources produced the best quality work.

Data sourced from Ascend2, Marketing Dive, Marketing Charts; additional content by Warc staff