SINGAPORE: Six markets in Asia are among the top 10 in the world for video consumption, according to a global survey that explored consumers' video habits and their receptiveness to ads.

A Millward Brown study, AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World, found consumers in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Philippines and Taiwan – along with their counterparts in Nigeria – spend close to four hours or more per day watching videos across multiple devices.

This compares with the global average where videos are viewed for more than three hours each day (204 minutes on average) among multiscreen users aged 16-45.

Based on responses from more than 13,500 multiscreen viewers across 42 countries, the survey also took a closer look at video consumption in 17 countries across Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa (AMAP).

It found AMAP consumers are generally more receptive to advertising in their video content than other people in the world.

A full 38% of multi-screen users in AMAP are favourable to ads on live TV compared to 29% globally while 26% are favourable towards advertising on tablets, laptops and smartphones – a much higher proportion than the global average of 19-20%.

Meanwhile, AMAP consumers are more open to skippable pre-roll ads (39% versus 34% globally) and skippable mobile app pop-ups (38% vs. 31%).

The report also revealed that mobile app reward videos are the most popular ads in the world, gaining favourable responses from 49% of consumers globally, rising to 52% in AMAP.

Southeast Asian markets are generally most receptive to ads in their video streams, where consumers feel they have a greater degree of control over the ads they see with features like click-to-play or ad-skipping.

Furthermore, the data also indicated a strong correlation in that region between the amount of control users feel they have and how receptive they are to ads in their video content.

Filipino consumers are significantly more receptive to advertising than anywhere else in South East Asia and also record higher feelings of control over the ads they watch.

The survey further revealed that brands in the region have a big opportunity to boost video engagement with smart content marketing, aside from paid online advertising.

For example, tutorial videos and expert reviews of products have strong positive sentiment among South East Asian respondents, with 55% and 41% net positive sentiment respectively.

Data sourced from Millward Brown; additional content by Warc staff