MOUNTAIN VIEW, California: Google's latest attempts to squeeze revenue out of YouTube will allow online advertisers to embed clips from the video sharing website in their messages.

The search giant is to expand its AdSense platform to allow web publishers to place YouTube videos that carry advertising on their sites. The publisher will take a share of revenue when a visitor watches a clip and any associated ads.

Google says content will come from around 100 of its existing commercial content partners, including TV Guide Broadband, Expert Village, Mondo Media, Extreme Elements and Ford Models. The ads would come from Google's extensive inventory.

Meanwhile, London-based web video search firm Blinkx is to allow consumers to make money from the videos they show on their own blogs, social network sites or home pages if they agree to include advertising in the videos.

Blinkx ceo Suranga Chandratillake believes the winning combination of social networking and online video will give YouTube and Google a run for their money.

Its new program lets users take a film clip, post it to their site and submit it to Blinkx to be indexed and categorized.

Each time the video is watched, Blinkx will choose a relevant ad from its inventory and place it either in a small transparent window in the bottom of the video screen, or in a box outside the top of the frame.

Every time an ad is clicked, the website on which the video is hosted will receive a modest portion of the payment for the ad placement.

Adds Chandratillake: "This way, the people who are powering the video revolution are the ones who get the rewards."

Data sourced from and International Herald Tribune; additional content by WARC staff