PARIS: Increasing numbers of French consumers are watching video-on-demand content, offering opportunities for media owners in the country to boost revenues.

Médiamétrie, the research firm, surveyed 4,060 web users, and reported that 90% of panellists were familiar with video-on-demand platforms.

Two-thirds of the sample also knew how to access these services, and 21%, or 8.6m people, had actually paid to view the material.

Paying users tended to be male and aged between 25 and 49 years of age. Some 27% of affluent AB consumers had also engaged in the activity.

At present, television is the main route through which to view video-on-demand, with 60% of the audience having opted for this route. A third had also used their computer for the same reason.

Mobile phones and tablets, on the other hand, were still very much in "the minority", and thus have "considerable room for improvement", Médiamétrie argued.

Films were the most popular content watched using video-on-demand platforms, with 95% of the current audience playing back movies through their TV, and 75% doing so on a PC.

Price was cited as the main obstacle among the individuals yet to watch VOD content.

Data sourced from Médiamétrie; additional content by Warc staff