NEW YORK: Running VOD ads in conjunction with linear TV advertising can result in a significant uplift to metrics such as ad recall and purchase intent, a new study has shown.

Ipsos Connect conducted a study among 450 six- to eleven-year-old girls in the US who had had the potential to be exposed to a particular toy brand's advertisements on linear TV only and on a combination of linear TV and Music Choice VOD programming available through a range of TV providers.

The results showed that the TV/VOD audience was significantly more likely to be watching TV three or more hours per day (35% vs. 19% TV only) and more likely to be watching children's networks on linear TV as well.

Further, after being exposed to the toy brand's commercial, TV/VOD respondents were significantly more likely to recall the ad (52% vs. 30% TV only), to report intending to purchase the brand's product after seeing the ad (80% vs. 56% TV only), and to talk about the brand with family and friends (78% vs. 44% TV only).

They were also more likely to take actions such as visiting the brand's website (56% vs. 29% TV only) and searching for the product online (32% vs. 16% TV only).

Thomas Spinelli, Vice President of Ipsos Connect observed that advertisers and media planners should take note of the fact that VOD advertising was able to reach kids and parents "in a way that truly complemented linear TV advertising".

He added that the results "suggest that a combination of linear TV and VOD has potential to enhance advertising delivery in other contexts too – we hope to study that more deeply".

For Music Choice, COO Christina Tancredi, described VOD as a "lean forward" environment that provided advertisers with a fully engaged audience.

Data sourced from Ipsos; additional content by Warc staff