NEW YORK: Media and research holding company VNU Media has taken the logical step of rebranding its numerous enterprises under a far better-known banner. As of today (Monday) it will be known as The Nielsen Company, with the rechristening rolled-out across its constituent parts through 2007. The rebranding is also marked by the launch of a new website

Such occasions, as usual, are manna from heaven for a corporate huckster. Recently appointed Nielsen chairman/ceo David Calhoun is no exception. Like Oscar Wilde, he could resist everything except temptation.

"For more than seventy-five years," quoth Calhoun, "the Nielsen brand has stood for the highest standards of integrity and quality, for independence and objectivity, and for an unrelenting dedication to helping clients be more successful.

"The Nielsen name is a source of pride for everyone in our organization, and it is now the name under which we all will go to market."

And lest any Doubting Thomas should fear the group's recent tribulations have distracted it from its core business objectives, Calhoun reassured: "We are focused more intently than ever on the delivery of truly integrated marketing and media services that reveal clients' growth opportunities."

In full spate, he continued. "We are uniquely positioned to provide clients with a complete understanding of consumer behavior, with new insights into where their markets are headed, and with high-value solutions to their business issues."

In addition to its marketing and media information brands, Nielsen properties also include Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Adweek and numerous trade shows. The firm was acquired last year for $9.85 billion by a consortium of six private equity firms [WARC News: 13-Jul-06].

Headquartered in The Netherlands and New York, Nielsen currently has more than 42,000 employees and is active in over one hundred countries.

Data sourced from AdWeek (USA); additional content by WARC staff