SYDNEY: Authenticity and a unique point of view are critical for brands targeting millennials with content marketing, a senior publisher believes.

Creating content that reflects the world millennials live in, rather than a fantasy world, is a key philosophy for VICE Media, best known for its off-the-beaten track journalism and unique takes on youth culture.

Speaking at the Mumbrella 360 conference in Sydney, Erik LaVoie, a partner at the company, emphasized that authenticity is critical if brands want to target this lucrative demographic as "they have the greatest bull detector ever created". (For more, read Warc's exclusive report: Creating content for Millennials: The VICE Playbook.)

Millennials also read the most content online when they are supposed to be working, and spend more than 11 hours every day consuming content across multiple devices, he revealed.

"We see our peak content consumption hours at VICE happening between 2pm and 6pm every single day," he said.

Lavoie pointed out how the internet and social media has prompted an evolution in how young people define themselves, from "simple paradigms" to complex personas with a lot of different facets.

"They think about themselves both loving music, both loving fashion, loving sports, loving all of these different things, but in their own kind of special way," he explained.

And millennials expect brands to have the same multi-faceted approach.

"They don't want brands to only be about music, or the brand to only be about fashion," said Lavoie. "They want brands to actually have a life, and to have an opinion about the things that they are passionate about."

Readers can download a free copy of Warc's report on How to market effectively to Millennials.

Data sourced from Warc