NEW DELHI: User-generated content is set to become a major source of income for mobile network providers in India, a report has argued.

According to a study by Juniper Networks, the average revenue per customer from voice calls is dropping sharply in the Asian nation at present.

However, it predicted that the returns yielded by data services would hit $10bn (€7.3bn; £6.3bn) in 2015, measured against $4bn in 2010.

While music currently delivers the largest share of this total, user-generated content should assume such a position in five years time, with "infotainment" also experiencing substantial growth.

The roll out of app stores and consolidation of a 3G infrastructure will both play a key role, as the amount of available material increases almost exponentially.

Elsewhere, Juniper suggested the Indian wireless subscriber base, now 814m people strong, could reach 1.3bn by the end of the forecast period.

Data sourced from Juniper Networks; additional content by Warc staff