BERLIN: Consumers in Germany are participating in an increasingly wide range of internet activities, although uptake of the mobile web and applications is limited at present.

According to the ARD-ZDF 2010 Onlinestudie, some 49 million people of at least 14 years of age now regularly access the net in the country.

This represented an uptick of 5.5m people compared with 2009, and is equivalent to a penetration rate of 69.4%.

A survey of 1,804 netizens found that 76% logged on to the web each day, committing an average of 77 minutes to this pastime.

This can be measured against the total of over four hours dedicated to watching television.

Moreover, the simultaneous use of these media has also grown in the last 12 months.

Teenagers proved especially engaged, typically going online on 6.2 days in any given week.

Some 65% of respondents streamed content via internet video platforms, including 24% visiting the on-demand services provided by traditional TV broadcasters.

A further 40% had joined online communities and social networks, but Twitter's reach remained comparatively modest at 3%.

Elsewhere, just 13% of the panel used the mobile web, and while 69% were aware of apps for devices like the iPhone, and only 6% frequently utilised these tools.

Data sourced from ARD-ZDF; additional content by Warc staff