MIAMI, FL: Unilever, the FMCG giant, has benefitted from using online video to promote its haircare portfolio in a more holistic way, supported by partnerships with popular digital influencers.

Rob Candelino, Unilever's VP/Marketing – Haircare, discussed this topic at the 4A's (American Association of Advertising Agencies) Transformation 2016 conference.

More specifically, he pointed to the organisation's "All Things Hair" online video channel, a lightly-branded property now operating in multiple markets, and which is used to champion its wide range of haircare offerings.

"Clearly, digital has scale now," he said. (For more, including further details of this strategy, read Warc's exclusive report: Unilever's strategic use of streaming video.)

"But it offers different tools. I think the job is really to intersect that scale whenever you can get it with intimacy wherever you can get it."

Tackling women's personal haircare questions and dilemmas delivers a strong degree of "intimacy". But on the cumulative level, content on "All Things Hair" has also attracted over 125m views since launching in late 2013.

One of the main motivations for pursuing this strategy, Candelino said, was the learning that members of the female audience were registering extremely low satisfaction scores with their hair.

Coupled with this knowledge was the insight that consumers make approximately six billion searches for "hair-related terms" on Google each year.

"If we are the market leaders in hair, we are the brands that can actually inspire the look, help women shop [for] it, make it more affordable [and] give them advocacy that they want and seek," said Candelino.

And the target customer, he continued, was often turning to user-generated advice from YouTube influencers for solutions, meaning Unilever could boost its own position by partnering with this new breed of haircare maven.

"Suddenly, it wasn't this community of three or four influential women who work for certain publications. It's now democratized to 20-year-olds with an iPhone in their bedroom," Candelino stated.

Data sourced from Warc