Still reeling from the damage wrought by the runaway success of the Atkins Diet, Unilever's Slim-Fast brand range is set to retaliate with Optima -- a middle of the road approach to dieting that offers both low carbohydrate and low fat options.

Trumpets Slim-Fast's new vp and general manager Terry Olson: "Optima is a reinvention of a balanced diet that is the wave of the future. Carb is yesterday's news. Consumers will be looking for better balance, for enough sugar, at a level that's healthy, and for healthy unsaturated fats."

Olson claims the new product provides an optimum calorie-control balance of carbs, fats and proteins for energy, and taste.

Meantime, ailing Slim-Fast, newly regrouped within Unilever's retail foods division, will rebrand and relaunch in September under the Optima banner. It will peddle powders, shakes, bars and (probably) new fruit smoothies with 50% less sugar and more calcium.

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