As at September 1 last, 14,000 individuals were employed in IPA member agencies – 49% of whom were aged under thirty and 81% under forty, according to the IPA Agency Census 2001, published Tuesday by Britain's Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.

The census also reflected downsizing among UK agencies, with the average agency headcount slipping year-on-year to 67 from 69.

Other key data emerging from the study are:

Geographic Spread
58% of total IPA shops are based in London and account for 78% of total staff; 42% of IPA member companies are based in the North West, Scotland and the Midlands and account for 22% of total staff.

Glass ceiling
Women make up 49% of the industry, 23% of board directors and 12% of chairman/ceo/managing directors; 16.6% of women are involved within creative departments.

Creative vs Suits
26% of the employed base are involved in the creative function of their agencies, while 23% are involved in account handling and 16% in media departments.

The full census (plus those for 1998, 1999 and 2000) can be accessed at

News source: IPA Online (UK)