NEW YORK: A majority of marketers think the US will remain the leading source of innovative ideas and technologies going forward, but China is expected to deliver the next wave of global brands.

The International Advertising Association, the trade body, polled 370 executives worldwide, of which 64.3% agreed the US would be the main hub of idea creation for the coming three years.

India secured a total of 44.5% on this measure, while China occupied third position having received 43.7%, and Brazil claimed fourth with a score of 33.5%.

However, although respondents from the advertiser, agency and media sectors all handed America the top spot, advertisers put Brazil in second place, ahead of India and China.

In considering the primary provider of technological innovation, a 69.3% share of interviewees cited America, whereas 64.4% referenced China. An additional 53.9% named South Korea and 51.4% India.

When discussing the areas promising the strongest growth prospects, China led the charts with 83.9%, beating the 70.6% registered by India, 61.1% for Brazil and 26.3% for South Korea.

Similarly, China was seen as the country most likely to yield the "next generation of multinational brands" on 64.3%. The US took second on 54.7%, bettering India's 48.7% and South Korea's 34.5%.

Turning to the future of marketing, 56.1% of contributors saw building brands which shoppers associate with "purpose and meaning" as a key goal.

Providing "shared value", or linking financial and social progress, posted 35.8%, while harnessing "big data" was on 33.9%. Engaging brand advocates who will encourage positive change recorded 30.4%, and making companies a "force for good" was on 21.9%.

Looking to 2015, a 74.3% majority of the panel said exploiting new media and technology to boost marketing effectiveness would be vital, and 55.6% pointed to becoming more transparent.

In the shorter term, 75.1% of those polled thought social media would be one of the greatest marketing opportunities of 2012/13, reaching 65.6% for mobile and tablet apps, and 52.7% for enhanced metrics.

The central issues expected to command attention this year and next included new technologies on 65.7%, a recovering economy on 54.8% and shifting needs in client–agency relationships on 45.6%.

Data sourced from IAA; additional content by Warc staff