Space. The final frontier for the ad industry?

It could be if the US Federal Aviation Administration gives its blessing to giant billboards orbiting the planet.

Sadly, for those in the ad business looking for an alternative to the 30-second commercial, the FAA is unlikely to greenlight such space-age innovation.

In fact, the Washington-headquartered government is mulling regulations to outlaw any moves by an unidentified space company proposing to launch "a group of large billboards into low Earth orbit".

These would, weather permitting, be visible to those of us scurrying about our business on the surface of long-suffering Mother Earth. The FAA says, with a worryingly straight face, that such ads "could have adverse effects on the general public and astronomers".

The general public and astronomers have until July 18 to comment ...

Data sourced from Financial Times online; additional content by WARC staff