NEW YORK: Some 29% of US ad agencies and marketers expect advertising expenditure levels to increase in the next six months, but exactly the same number predict budgets will decline in this period, a new study from Advertiser Perceptions has found.

Based on a survey of 1,599 senior executives from the advertiser and agency sectors, the company found that the number of respondents arguing that outlay will grow in the next six months rose by 3% compared with its last survey, which was published two months ago.

The number of participants forecasting that total marketing expenditure would fall over this period also declined by 1% compared with the previous study.

While 29% of marketers and agencies say overall spending will expand over the period covered by the survey, this figure reached a high of 31% among those in "higher-level" positions on the client-side.

Over 50% of participants said they would heighten their investment on the internet, with 49% directing extra resources into online search.

A majority also intend to devote greater funds to mobile marketing, an area in which Apple's iPhone is currently enjoying an upturn in interest. 

By contrast, television and radio will see an increase in spending among 18% of respondents, compared with 14% for magazines, and 6% for national newspapers.

With regard to expenditure rates for the forthcoming TV upfronts, only 19% of participants said their outlay this year would exceed that in 2008, reaching a high of 37% among "upper level" marketers.

However, over half of agency planners and buyers thought that client spending will decrease, compared with a quarter of senior marketers.

Data sourced from AdAge; additional content by WARC staff