ATLANTA: Some 70% of US consumers say price reductions influence which products they purchase, while 60% argue they make brand decisions in-store, according to new research conducted by Miller Zell, the retail consultancy.

The company surveyed 999 Americans, and found that 65% of participants make shopping lists prior to arriving at stores, while 91% make unplanned purchases once they get there.

A total of 32% of shoppers agreed that in-store signage was "very effective", compared with 27% giving the same rating to all other forms of advertising and marketing communications.

However, Miller Zell noted that more members of Generation Y – born between 1977 and 1995 – rated both forms of marketing as "very effective".

Over 90% of "Baby Boomers" argued that product messaging was "very or extremely important," compared with 86% who said the same for "price point messaging.”

In terms of more specific information, 46% of respondents wanted to be provided with brand comparisons – a total that increased as consumers got younger – while 43% wanted to hear about quality, and 37% about "green" issues.

Just under half of consumers also said that "every day low prices" were important in determining their purchase behaviour.

Data sourced from AdWeek; additional content by WARC staff