NEW YORK: Some 80% of Americans say advertising helps boost awareness, while 53% argue communications play the same role when they come to make a purchase.

A poll of 3,000 consumers by Yankelovich and the Television Bureau of Advertising found that TV drives 43% of total "awareness" among consumers, compared with 37% for all other mediums, while 20% of respondents said media had no influence.

At the "transaction" stage, television spots influenced shoppers slightly over a quarter of the time, with all other media posting a similar score of 27%.

However, a total of 47% of participants argued that marketing communications did not shape their decisions at the final point of the "funnel."

Overall, TV was argued to influence consumers 54% of the time at the "awareness" stage, a figure that fell to 49% when they actually bought products.

The internet was the next-best performing medium on these measures, scoring 14% at the "awareness" stage and 12% at the time of purchase.

Advertising's perceived impact also differed by sector, with 87% of consumers arguing that it helped drive awareness, and 59% stating it had impact on their purchases, in the travel category.

By contrast, these figures fell to 81% for awareness and 41% for purchase in the automotive category.

Data sourced from AdWeek/MediaPost; additional content by WARC staff