SINGAPORE: Asian countries account for half of the top ten countries that download apps, and have four nations in the top five behind the US, new global analysis has revealed.

The App Insight Report from InMobi, the Singapore-based mobile ad network, also looked at thousands of app promotion campaigns that ran on its global network in the second quarter of 2013 and found interstitial ads delivered the best conversion rates.

Five countries accounted for over 60% of overall app downloads – the US (33.8%), followed by India (9.5%), Japan (9.1%), China (7.7%) and Indonesia (4.6%) while South Korea, at 4.2%, was placed sixth.

Games represented the most downloaded app category on its network, accounting for 64% of installs, followed by communication at 11.3%, telecoms at 6.8% and entertainment at 4%.

Regarding promotions, interstitial ads – those full-page ads that appear before the sought-after webpage and include a link to skip the ad – were found to deliver 25% higher click-through rates and 10% better conversions.

InMobi suggested their successful conversion rate may be attributed to the way they demand attention.

On the Android platform, the average conversions on interstitial ads were almost double that of other ad formats, InMobi discovered, but it also noted that banner ads continued to work well for a wide range of non-gaming content on both iOS and Android.

Download costs were found to be relatively cheaper in Asia compared to the US, with India, at 40% of US costs, emerging as the least expensive market. The UK, by contrast, was the most expensive and a full 74% dearer than the US.

In another key finding, the report found that app stores, mobile websites and recommendations from friends and family are the top three ways in which Chinese users discover apps.

Data sourced from InMobi; additional content by Warc staff