NEW YORK: Some of America's largest internet companies are attempting to restore confidence in the pay-per-click advertising system that underpins the web's biggest revenue generator.

Recent court cases and revelations have triggered a raft of concerns that so-called click fraud and other abuses of the system have become rife.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has reacted to advertisers' apprehensions by setting-up a working group to try to standardize the way mouse clicks are measured and interpreted.

The initiative will "set standards so [click-based ads] are ready for prime time," says Greg Stuart, the IAB's chief executive officer. "It is putting trust and credibility into the medium now it has matured."

This will not be an overnight process, it seems. The IAB's efforts to produce and implement a set of standards governing how advertisers measure and pay for internet advertising are likely to take six to eight years to complete, according to the Financial Times.