Seismic change? Or just more jaw about 'engagement'?

The former - if you believe Florida-based real estate entrepreneur Frank S Maggio who plans to unleash ReacTV on US consumers and the nation's media metric industry.

In an antic worthy of Phineas T Barnum, the station will launch on August 1, the 25th anniversary of MTV's launch, underscoring Maggio's boast that his new channel will "pass more homes on its launch date than … MTV network on its first day, and top MTV's current average advertising ratings within five hundred days of ReacTV's launch".

All of which spiel, cynics might think, amounts to nothing more than promotional hype - save for one fact.

ReacTV is a platform for a revolutionary approach to media metrics that on the face of it replaces the yet-to-be-defined philosophy of 'engagement' [WAMN: 06-Apr-06] with concrete advertising accountability.

Maggio's channel will charge advertisers a flat fee per thousand, based on the precise number of viewers watching its ads every second. The data will be enhanced by Maggio's patented CRAV system which takes advertising 'engagement' to a new level by asking questions of viewers that gauge the depth in which they watched ads, rewarding them for correct answers.

Further data available on an overnight basis will be provided by yet another Magio unit, erinMedia, which collects tuning data from advanced set-top boxes and marries them with ratings from 24/7.

Initially, ReacTV will be simulcast in US markets with access to TV channel 77. It will also transmit online via and a Spanish-langueage version will launch within the next twelve months. Further rollout across channels 70-79 is slated by the end of the decade.

Data sourced from (UK); additional content by WARC staff