‘War, what war?’, responded US advertisers during the week of March 26 to April 1. With the sole exception of cable news channels, ad spending reverted to normal levels during week two of the war on Iraq, reports the CMR unit of Taylor Nelson Sofres.

TV expenditure for that week rose by $71.2 million (€66.23m; £45.38m) year-on-year, reveals CMR’s preliminary estimate. This compares with week one of the war when media companies lost $77m as marketers pulled or postponed their ads.

Bu there were still some losers [in addition to the military and civilians slaughtered or wounded in the conflict]. Cable news channels witnessed a decline in ad revenues of 44% during week two compared with all other TV sectors which registered income gains.

Weeks one and two in aggregate saw the cable news networks down 56% year-on-year; Spanish-language TV was down 7% and networks dropped 4%. Non-news cable operators, however, prospered, ten percent up on the same period last year. Spot TV rose by 3%.

CMR will continue to issue weekly reports on the impact of the war in terms of ad revenues and also plans a ‘state of the industry’ report when hostilities have ended.

Data sourced from: AdAge.com; additional content by WARC staff