NEW YORK: A survey by US research and information firm LexisNexis has arrived at the not altogether startling conclusion that people trust traditional news sources more than blogs and other emerging media.

Lexis, part of the London and New York-headquartered Reed Elsevier conglomerate, says the "future of trust" lies in mainstream media such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio - which must be a comfort as its business relies heavily on such sources.

The survey found more than half of those quizzed (52%) rely on traditional sources for news that significantly affects their lives, while 13% will rely mostly on emerging media, such as citizen journalists, blogs and podcasts.

In the case of a global event such as a disease pandemic, those questioned said TV would be the medium of choice for immediate news, with half anticipating tuning into it for updates and information.

The next most popular choices were radio (42%), daily local newspapers, cable news or business networks (33%) and websites of print and broadcast media (25%). Only 6% of consumers would search emerging media for immediate news during such an event.

For less momentous information, such as entertainment, the most trusted source was said to be traditional lifestyle media, followed by blogs, user groups and chat rooms, general-interest and news magazines, radio and special-interest websites.

The company has this year integrated licensed blogs into its online research platform.

Comments communications manager Jennifer Aleknavage: "What's interesting is that new media doesn't take away from traditional at all."

Data sourced from AdAge (USA); additional content by WARC staff