America's Sirius Satellite Radio has struck a deal to extend its reach to the 9.7 million subscribers to the DISH Network, the satellite-TV platform owned by EchoStar.

The agreement -- terms of which have not been disclosed -- gives the 6m or so customers signed up to DISH premium packages access to Sirius's 60 subscription-only music radio channels. In addition, for $149.95 (€125.14; £83.79) DISH subscribers will be able to purchase a Sirius radio receiver for their boat or car.

Sirius currently has just 400,000 subscribers, a long way behond rival operator XM Satellite Radio, which has 1.6m. But Sirius ceo Joseph Clayton claims the EchoStar deal gives his firm the edge. "Beginning today, we're now in front of more listeners than anyone in satellite radio," he declared.

For EchoStar, the partnership strengthens its hand against DirecTV, the leader in the satellite-TV market.

Data sourced from: Media Week (USA); additional content by WARC staff