SAN FRANCISCO: City on the Bay-based online research specialist MarketTools has launched a new research initiative, Moms Insight Network, that enables marketers to better understand one of the most influential and revered consumer groups - mothers.

MIN claims to be the first research solution that aggregates input from millions of mothers' online conversations; lets marketers engage directly in ongoing conversations between moms to uncover pressing needs and new ideas; and helps to convert those findings into innovative products and services.

MIN's hosted proprietary community, ZoomPanel Moms, is the only online community formed exclusively to allow marketers and moms to exchange ideas and perspectives.

The company claims that this methodology provides "a deep and authentic understanding of this important market segment that has never before been available."

By listening into and actively participating in the conversations that moms have with each other - on everything from brands of diapers to the role of spirituality in their lives - marketers can get a clearer picture of what moms really want and why.

In addition, MIN helps marketers identify new issues to explore, fill in the white space of unmet needs, and collaborate with moms on ideal solutions.

The company cites Del Monte Foods as a typical user of the network, listening-in to mothers' discussions about food and cooking.

Says Del Monte's senior market research manager Gala Amoroso: "We subscribed to MIN to improve our understanding of why moms buy certain foods for their families, and the values they attribute to those foods.

"By tapping into thousands of moms' real conversations, we're looking forward to getting an inside perspective on what they're really doing when they cook and eat at home.

"With this window into their lives, we can then identify the unmet needs in the market and can explore issues and opportunities we wouldn't have thought to explore previously."

The company cites a random selection of the views expressed by these matriarchal icons ...

  • "Public schools and public libraries should not be allowed to censor. It is up to the reader or guardian to censor. I am intelligent enough to decide if a book is offensive. As for my children, I don't need someone else to make my parenting decisions."

  • "I don't know about anybody else, but I've had more than enough of a governmental entity telling me what we should and should not eat."

  • "I also think that parents should be able to make their own decisions about how they are going to discipline their children."

  • "I shred carrots, onions, peppers and broccoli so tiny, into casseroles and meatloaves and they [the kids] never know!"
By tuning-in to conversations that moms are already having, MIN allows marketers to ask questions they wouldn't have thought to ask, or identify hot buttons and issues they may not have otherwise thought to explore. For further information on MIN click here.

Data sourced from multiple origins; additional content by WARC staff