The US radio industry enjoyed a brief respite from its woes in December when pre-holiday spending boosted cumulative annual revenues to $18.36 billion (E20.98bn; £12.87bn).

Despite the December bonus, largely due to robust automotive advertising, ad revenues for the year lagged seven percent behind 2000, reports the Radio Advertising Bureau. Local advertising was down 3% in December and national down 16 percent.

But local advertising, which accounts for some 80% of stateside radio income, managed to do relatively well across 2001 as a whole, declining year-on-year by only 4%. This compares dramatically with the national figure which plummeted 19% to $2.9bn.

Networked broadcasting, the smallest radio segment, fell 9% to $9.10 million.

Data sourced from: MediaWeek (USA); additional content by WARC staff