Just twelve percent of the American public actively dislike the increasingly common marketing technique of TV and movie product placement, reports a study by WPP Group media agency MindShare.

Epitomizing the technique - seen as a method of bypassing advertising clutter - is the Fox network's mega-hit American Idol, awash from every pore with Coca-Cola branding

Eighty per cent of the 1,200 American adults sampled by MindShare take a positive view of product placement; 12% "do not like it at all", while 8% are neutral. Forty-six percent offered qualified approval: "it depends how it's done"; while 37% declared "it's generally OK with me".

But the number of negative reactions has doubled from last year when objectors accounted for just 6% of the sample.

Says Marc Goldstein, ceo of MindShare North America: "Product placement has emerged as one of the most powerful ways for a marketer to connect in a meaningful way with their consumer.

"Our findings indicate that the critical factor in making product placement work is how it's done, underscoring the vital role that agencies continue to play in working with marketers to make their messages relevant to consumers."

Data sourced from AdWeek (USA); additional content by WARC staff