WASHINGTON DC: The US Postal Service is working hard to block moves in 15 states to push through Do Not Mail registers designed to stop standard mail, aka 'junk' mail.

The USPS is working with the Direct Mail Association to persuade legislators of the harmful impact both on the DM industry and on postal jobs, if the registers are greenlighted.

So far their efforts appear to have paid off and no legislation has been passed, but junk mail activists  led by environmental group ForestEthics are not about to give up their campaign.

The group's executive director Todd Paglia argues that do-not-mail legislation is "long overdue". He claims junk mail is "invading" people's homes, and that the 100 billion mailing-pieces received annually by US citizens require 100 million trees to produce.

Lobbyists believe state legislators should be targeted initially as they are at the sharp end of waste disposal and recycling, to which junk mail makes a significant contribution.

The comapaigners are inspired by the success of the Do Not Call register, introduced five years ago after a similar campaign.

The USPS is adamant that it "opposes any action that would interfere with our mission of providing universal service at affordable prices. We believe that mail has value".

Data sourced from Washington Post Online; additional information by WARC staff