NEW YORK: Multicultural marketers in the US are leading the way in mobile advertising, according to a new survey by trade body, the Association of National Advertisers.

It reports that 38% of multicultural marketers are using mobile marketing, compared with just 28% of general-market advertisers.

Online social networks are already used by 20% of the latter group, compared with 16% of their multicultural counterparts. However, 36% of these said they intended to start using social networks in the next year, in contrast with 19% of general marketers.

Forrester Research analyst Tamara Barber says a number of general-market websites have added Spanish-language pages, such as MySpace Latino.

She adds: "There's a ton of energy right now around Spanish and bilingual sites," and she says Hispanic consumers are "much more likely to do advanced mobile activities".

A Forrester survey of 3,000 adults showed Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to have cellphones with cameras (65% and 48%), video (41% and 17%), music (42% and 15%) and internet access (57% and 39%).

Data sourced from Association of National Advertisers; additional content by WARC staff, 11 January 2008