One hundred and fifty-five US marketing professionals can't all be wrong, and their consensus is that newspapers and magazines have a long way to go compared with other media when it comes to self-promotion.

This perception, along with other data from a survey by the Association of National Advertisers, was presented at its annual Print Advertising Forum last week.

The majority of marketers (67%) believe that TV has the edge on print media when it comes to selling itself, and ANA president/ceo Bob Liodice thinks along similar lines: "There is a clear opportunity for newspapers and magazines to deliver more effective metrics to better understand print audiences, readership and its impact on ROI".

Marketers are also uneasy about the future of print media, citing as their three main worries:

   • the internet as an alternative information source …
   • declining audience and press circulation …
   • overall advertising clutter.

Unsurprisingly, less than half (42%) of respondents say they are increasing their magazine ad budgets this year, whilst 22% admit to planning a decrease in newspaper ad spending.

Data sourced from:; additional content by WARC staff