For the second straight month, America’s magazines have taken more cash from fewer ad pages.

According to the Publishers Information Bureau, magazine ad revenues for July rose 7.9% year-on-year to $1.17 billion (€1.03bn; £0.72bn), despite a 0.2% slide in ad pages to 14,696. This follows June’s 8.5% dollar surge on a 3.2% page decline [WAMN: 11-Jul-03].

Six of the PIB’s twelve advertiser categories increased the number of pages they took out, but seven hiked their outlay.

The biggest spender was the auto industry, which raised magazine advertising by 22% to $182 million. There were also big rises from apparel (up 44% to $53.5m) and retail (up 25% to $41.9m).

The biggest drops in both spend and pages came from the finance/insurance/real estate sector and the public transport/hotels/resorts category.

Across the first seven months of 2003, magazine ad revenues were up 9.6% to $9.76bn while pages were 1.6% higher on 123,878.

Data sourced from: multiple sources; additional content by WARC staff