One of America’s fastest growing magazines, the health-oriented Shape, is to be published in South Africa by Cape Town firm Touchline Media.

A joint venture with Weider Publications of the US, Shape will be launched in mid-September with an October cover date. Touchline is hoping that it will enjoy the same success as Men's Health, a publication imported from America's Rodale Press in 1997 and now boasting a circulation of 73,000, making it South Africa’s best-selling men's lifestyle magazine.

Touchline Publisher Marc Blachowitz forecasts that Shape will achieve a circulation of 35,000 after one year and 45,000 after three years. Sales will not be confined to traditional news outlets; health shops and beauty bars will also form part of the distribution chain. In addition, South Africa’s Health & Racquet Club group has been signed as a strategic partner, and will offer the title to the 450,000 women members of its eighty clubs.

News source: Advertising Age - International Daily