Time Warner's cable television unit is considering a joint bid for cellphone spectrum licenses in the US.

TW Cable, industry leader Comcast, Cox Communications and Advance/Newhouse Communications are planning to join with cellphone company Sprint Nextel in applying for permission from the Federal Communications Commission to participate in next month's auction of spectrum for advanced wireless services.

The cable quartet forged an alliance with Sprint last year to explore ways to use wireless technology to do everything from programming personal video recorders to forwarding phone calls made to cable-based telephone lines.

However, TW Cable ceo Glenn Britt says it is not certain that the consortium will go ahead with a bid and has not elaborated on plans for the licenses.

The cable companies are keen to provide bundles of services to customers to keep them loyal in the face of stiff competition from telcos.

TW and other cable operators, particularly Cablevision Systems have had success offering 'triple play' packages of video, internet access and phone service provided over cable lines.

Data sourced from multichannel.com; additional content by WARC staff