Total advertising expenditures in local broadcast TV jumped 8.3% year-on-year to $4.2 billion (€3.49bn; £2.34bn) in the second quarter, reports the US Television Bureau of Advertising.

Within the three broadcast TV sectors -- syndication, network and local -- syndicated led the way with growth of 18.4% to $977.1 million. Network rose 4.7% to $6.2bn. Total broadcast including cable and satellite hit $11.4bn, a rise of 7.1%.

Local TV saw substantial rises in two of its three major sectors: automotive (+7.6%) and car and truck dealers (+10.2%). Key players in these categories were Hyundai Dealers Association (+62.1%) and Nissan (+ 47.7%).

Among the other top 25 advertisers to increase their ad budgets were Comcast (+73%) Berkshire Hathaway (+51.6%) and Verizon Communications (+26.4%).

In the January-June period, total broadcast TV grew 8.6% to $22.6bn; local broadcast TV was up 8.5% (to $8.2bn); syndicated TV climbed 17.5% ($1.9bn); and network TV increased by 7.5% ($12.4bn).

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