LONDON: American brands predictably dominate this year's Brandz survey by Milward Brown Optimor – with only Finland (Nokia) and the People's Paradise (China Mobile) elbowing their way into the global Top Ten rankings.

Google occupies the top slot by an unassailable margin for the second year in succession, with former supremo Microsoft languishing in third place behind General Electric.

review of the report by WARC analysts highlights the overall fiscal value of the BrandZ Top 100: an eyewatering $1.94 trillion (€1.22tr; £974.5bn), up year-on-year by 21%.

For the purpose of the BrandZ ranking, MBO values brands in three steps:

  1. It establishes a company's intangible earnings, then allocates them to individual brands and countries of operation, based on publicly available financial data from Bloomberg, Datamonitor and itself.
  2. Via Optimor's own research, MBO determines the portion of intangible earnings attributable to the brand alone, as opposed to other factors such as price. This metric, known as Brand Contribution, reflects the share of earnings from a product or service's most loyal consumers or users. For this second step, the firm uses research-based loyalty data from the BrandZ database.
  3. MBO then projects the brand value based on market valuations, the brand's risk profile, and its growth potential. Data is sourced from the BrandZ database, Bloomberg and MBO's own research.
The valuation not only takes account of financial data and projections, but also the views of more than 650,000 consumers and category professionals from around the world.

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The complete BrandZ report is available only to WPP Group companies and their clients.

Data sourced from Millward Brown Optimor; additional content by WARC staff