Preliminary statistics from Nielsen Monitor-Plus indicate that US adspend jumped 5.9% in 2002.

The ad tracking firm reported figures for eleven media, of which nine posted rises in ad revenues last year.

Hispanic TV reported the strongest growth, jumping 10.2% year-on-year. Then came local newspapers (+9.4%), network television (+8.3%), network radio (+8.1%), spot TV (+6.3%), outdoor (+6.0%), cable television (+5.4%), national magazines (+4.9%) and spot radio (+2.2%).

The two media that declined compared with 2001 were syndicated TV (-7.5%) and national newspapers (-7.1%). Results for media like the internet, Sunday supplements and local magazines are not yet in, meaning the final growth rate may change.

“The 2002 advertising economy rebounded nicely,” declared Jeff King, managing director of Nielsen Monitor-Plus. “Second half activity, and the fourth quarter in particular, demonstrated an acceleration of the industry’s recovery.”

However, King added that strong Q4 growth was not surprising given the weakness of the equivalent quarter in 2001.

Spending totals for individual advertisers only go up to November, but these indicate healthy growth in advertising activity by auto firms and the entertainment and pharmaceuticals sectors.

For the first eleven months of last year, the top ten advertisers hiked spend 10.2% to $12.8 billion, broken down (with year-on-year comparisons in parentheses) as follows:

1) General Motors $2.34bn (+18.4%)
2) Procter & Gamble $2.01bn (+24.6%)
3) AOL Time Warner $1.30bn (+11.4%)
4) Ford Motor Company $1.27bn (+11.7%)
5) DaimlerChrysler $1.17bn (-9.5%)
6) Walt Disney Company $1.07bn (+11.2%)
7) Johnson & Johnson $1.03bn (+18.4%)
8) Altria $896 million (-16.4%)
9) Pfizer $878m (+12.9%)
10) Toyota Motor $854m (+11.4%)

Data sourced from: multiple sources; additional content by WARC staff