Nielsen Monitor-Plus reports that advertising expenditure stateside rose in 2002 by nearly 6% over the preceding year, reflecting gains across nine of the eleven media sectors reported..

Leading the pack was Hispanic television, up 10.2%. followed by local newspapers with 9.4% and network TV with 8%-plus. At the opposite end of the spectrum, syndicated television languished by 7.5% while national newspapers saw revenues decline by 7.1%.

In the eleven months to November 30, the nation’s top ten groups by adspend paid out an aggregated $12.8 billion (€11.96bn; £7.99bn). All but two – DaimlerChrysler and Altria (formerly Philip Morris) - spent more than in the equivalent period in 2001.

The Top Ten …

01. General Motors $2,338m (+18.4%)
02. Procter & Gamble $2,013m (+24.6)
03. AOL Time Warner $1,304m (+11.4%)
04. Ford Motor Company $1,272m (+11.7%)5
05. DaimlerChrysler $1,167m (-9.5%)
06. Walt Disney $1,068m (+11.2%)
07. Johnson & Johnson ($1,034m (+18.4%)
08. Altria Group $896m (-16.4%)
09. Pfizer $878m (+12.9%)
10. Toyota Motor $854m (+11.4%)

Commented Jeff King, managing director of Nielsen Monitor-Plus: “The 2002 advertising economy rebounded nicely with a respectable year-to-year increase of 5.9%. Second half activity, and the fourth quarter in particular, demonstrated an acceleration of the industry’s recovery. A strong end-of-year comparison was not totally unexpected, given the weak September-to-December period in 2001.”

But the data is not yet complete, King cautioned. “Expenditures for Internet, Local Magazines, FSIs [free-standing inserts], and National/Local Sunday Supplements were not available at press time, which could have an impact on overall media spending comparisons.”

Data sourced from: Daily Research News Online and Nielsen Monitor-Plus; additional content by WARC staff