LONDON: Consumers in the UK, Turkey and the Netherlands make up the most engaged internet audiences in Europe, new figures show.

Data from comScore, the research firm, showed 372m people accessed the web across the 48 regional markets monitored in August 2011, dedicating an average of 25.4 hours to this pastime.

In terms of sheer size, Germany led the way with 50.4m users, ahead of the Russian Federation, which houses a connected community of just under 50m, an amount standing at 42.2m in France and 37.3m in the UK.

Turning to engagement, members of the British online population spent 34.7m hours using this channel during August, followed by Turkey on 32.7 hours and the Netherlands on 32.8 hours.

By contrast, Italian consumers recorded a total of 15.8 hours on this metric, climbing to 18.3 hours among their Swiss counterparts.

When assessing specific destinations, Google's sites - including its search engine, Gmail and YouTube - attracted 372m visitors, beating the 256m posted by Microsoft's suite of digital properties.

This figure came in at 24m regarding Facebook, the social network, the typical member of which browsed its pages for 348 minutes in the month, effectively doubling the dwell times for Google and Microsoft.

However, the leading player in this area was VKontakte, a Russian equivalent to Facebook, boasting a user base of 51m people, who were active on its site for an average of 430 minutes.

Entertainment portals secured 346m visitors in August, a 10% improvement year on year, the same increase as the standard dwell time of 175 minutes.

YouTube, the video-sharing site, easily dominated the opposition, with its 213m users each spending 151 minutes searching for, uploading or streaming content.

Services in the movies category saw activity levels rise by 18%, as 152m visitors remained on these properties for a modest 18 minutes apiece, while TV platforms drew 172m viewers for 31 minutes per person.

Overall, web users were exposed to 989m pages in August, with Facebook on 163m, comfortably the largest score on this measure.

Data sourced from comScore; additional content by Warc staff