British digital TV broadcasting platform Freeview has found space for a new channel - likely to be keenly competed for by a number of major players.

Says a spokesman for US-owned Crown Castle Communications, one of three partners in the Freeview venture, together with the BBC and Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB: "Since 2002 there's been a number of developments in multiplexing technology that now make an additional channel feasible."

The increasingly popular free platform - now viewed by over five million UK households - is accessible via a settop box retailing at a one-off payment of around £50 ($93.71; €71.89). This enables access to thirty dTV channels and twenty digital radio stations [WAMN: 19-Jan-2005].

Among those potentially interested in the 18-hours daily airtime slot is the nation's largest commercial broadcaster ITV, said to be eager to add ITV4 to its stable of digital channels.

State owned but commercially funded Channel 4 could also be in the running along with Disney.

Adds Crown Castle: "We have had expressions of interest from channels in the past and we've already sent out requests for proposals to them."

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