The spiritual home of the UK's liberals, intellectuals and media types, The Guardian newspaper, is pushing its brand of centre-left ideology to the US.

Its news digest, Guardian Weekly, is expanding beyond a direct-mail campaign targeted at American subscribers, by re-vamping its newsstand appearance with a four-color cover.

The publication, which is aiming to stand against Time magazine among others, contains articles from its UK parent, Sunday stablemate The Observer, France's Le Monde and The Washington Post.

Its global circulation, according the Guardian's own figures, is around 200,000. It claims 10,500 US subscribers and around 1,300 newsstand sales.

The new direct mail pitch is endorsed by none other than Nelson Mandela who, it claims, read Guardian Weekly in prison and continues to do so for its 'window on the wider world'.

Guardian Newspapers is owned by the Scott, Trust whose guiding principle is to maintain the journalistic integrity of its publications.

Data sourced from AdAge (USA); additional content by WARC staff