Perhaps state-owned UK broadcaster the BBC and Rupert Murdoch's satellite operation BSkyB have seen the error of their rivalrous ways -- or maybe they've realised that when it comes to success in the digital world, a sharing of costs could result in significant bottom line benefits.

A collaborative effort is now on the cards for the two broadcasters as they mull the advantages of a new joint satellite venture along lines similar to the successful partnership that gave birth to Freeview digital TV project.

Revealed a BBC spokeswoman: "The BBC is in the process of constructive dialogue with BSkyB, and several other broadcasters who cannot be named, about a joint satellite proposition", before adding "nothing is confirmed at this stage."

The potential cooperative move comes after BSkyB announced it will launch its free-to-air television service FreeSat this October [WAMN:06-Aug-04] and similar noises from the BBC about the introduction of its own satellite service.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff