LONDON: The typical consumer in the UK is exposed to 30% more TV ads a day than was the case in 2000, a new study has reported.

Research from Thinkbox, the television industry body, revealed that the "normal" British viewer currently sees 43 commercials per day, up from 33 spots at the turn of the millennium.

This means that a total of 2.45 billion impacts are recorded among the country's TV audience as a whole in a 24 hour period.

One of the reasons for the overall increase is that the number of available channels has almost doubled from 252 at the start of the decade to 495 in 2009.

Moreover, commercial stations have seen their share of overall viewing time improve by five minutes, to 2.37 hours a day, over the same timeframe.

Among Thinkbox's other findings were that 39% of UK households now own at least one digital video recording device, such as the set-top boxes provided by Sky+ or Freeview+.

While this may encourage some people to "skip" ads, the organisation suggested this group watches 17% more broadcast content than the average, consuming 2% more spots as a result.

Data sourced from Media Guardian/Daily Telegraph; additional content by Warc staff