Papers on the evolving media landscape, luxury marketing and big brand owners proved especially popular among Warc's British audience in 2011.

Trends pieces took the top two spots in the annual UK rankings, which measure how many downloads every article on received in the calendar year.

More specifically, 11 media trends for 2011 finished in first place, with 10 global consumer trends in 2011 in second. Another media trends piece, 10 trends in digital marketing, also attracted many British users, finishing fourth.

But papers on luxury marketing, which has proved to be an increasingly contentious subject given the economic volatility of recent years, also made an appearance in the top ten.

The Warc Briefing on luxury marketing, providing a general overview on the topic, was the second most-downloaded article in the UK over the last 12 months, while Deluxurification is in fashion, an investigation into how the market is evolving globally, was tenth.

Pieces focusing on single advertisers were also far more prevalent on the UK download charts than was the case elsewhere.

Three Euromonitor company profiles – on Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Tesco – came in seventh, eighth and ninth places respectively.

The two remaining papers in the top ten were the Warc Briefing on social media, in fifth, and a "how-to" guide for segmentation in sixth.

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Data sourced from Warc