LONDON: Media owners and industry bodies in the UK, including Thinkbox, ITV and CBS Outdoor, are actively promoting the effectiveness of advertising as they seek to encourage marketers to increase their expenditure across a variety of different mediums.

Thinkbox, which represents the UK's major commercial broadcasters, began running TV spots earlier this month that are based around "some of the greatest and most effective TV ads", which it argues "are still returning value for their brands" today.

Lindsey Clay, the organisation's marketing director, argued it has "never been more important to make sure every brand understands what TV can do for them."

In a similar vein, ITV, the UK's largest commercial broadcaster, has launched its own brand campaign, with the tagline "The Brighter Side," and which features clips of some of its most successful shows. 

Louise Evans, head of corporate communications at the company, argued there is a "direct link between viewing and brand perception. This is very much a decision about communicating exactly what we do on ITV1 and investing in that."

The Radio Advertising Bureau has also broadcast some 90,000 ads over the last 12 months, which would have cost around £2m (€2.3bn; £3.2bn) if purchased by an advertiser, according to Billetts Media Monitoring.

Simon Redican, the RAB's managing director, said this decision was based on the fact that the organisation is encouraging marketers to use the medium, and so wanted to demonstrably be "backing that up with our own action."

CBS Outdoor, the out-of-home specialist, also recently ran a number of unbranded posters at some of its sites which prompted consumers to submit their opinions about controversial issues to a campaign website.

Tim Bleakley, its UK managing director, argued this meant it had "a story to talk to advertisers about," and also suggested that making a medium look "vibrant" was key, as "nobody sold anything from an empty barrow."

Data sourced from Financial Times; additional content by WARC staff