LONDON: Price and product quality remain the main drivers of purchase decisions in the UK, with factors including service and sustainability relegated to a supporting role, new research has found.

Group Positive, the direct marketing agency, polled 3,000 adults to discover which issues, other than price, they took into account when buying goods like apparel, books, music and consumer electronics.

Overall, it reported that two-thirds of the panel named product quality as the most important matter in shaping their decisions.

This was followed in the rankings by strong levels of customer service, securing 12%, ahead of the 10% received by the in-store environment or being made to feel special by staff.

Credentials linked to areas such as ethics, the environment and good causes lodged only 8% on the same metric, however.

Maia Honan, head of account management at Group Positive, suggested that a nuanced understanding of evolving trends was becoming increasingly essential.

"It seems that customer service has become low on people's priorities as their focus turns towards getting the best quality for as good a price as possible," she told

"That's not the same as saying service doesn't play a part. It's just putting that element of a retailers' proposition into clearer perspective."

"Responding to customer needs, whether that's through engaging communications or excellent service, is the best way to retain great customer relationships."

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