LONDON: The UK is set to post a 7.3% decline in adspend in 2009 at current prices, meaning revenues in the country will fall at a faster rate than in the US, Japan or the Eurozone-12, reports WARC's latest European Advertising and Media Forecast.

Advertising expenditure levels decreased by an estimated 3.5% in the UK last year, although the British ad market is exepected to return to growth in 2010, with an uplift of 1.3%.

Total ad revenues are also predicted to contract by 7% in the US and Japan in 2009, following on from declines of 4.5% and 4.6% respectively last year.

In Europe, German adspend will follow up static growth in 2008 with a drop off of 4% this year, while French ad revenues will shrink by 3% in 2009, doubling the annual rate of decline year-on-year.

With regard to media, TV revenues are predicted to fall by 7.0% in the US and 10.5% in Japan in 2009, compared with a slide of 3.6% in the Eurozone-12.

Online growth is also set to slow in most major markets, falling to 4.8% in the US and 10.4% in the Eurozone-12, having enjoyed annual expansion rates in double-digits for much of the last decade.

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Data sourced from the European Advertising and Media Forecast