A crumb of consolation for those Brits plunged into darkest despair by England’s 2-1 defeat today by Brazil …

According to the latest weekly UK data released Thursday by BARB (Broadcasters' Audience Research Board), the World Cup ‘soccer effect’ has lifted TV viewing by nearly 20% as the success - until this morning - of England’s national football team builds up viewing levels across all major demographics.

The first full week of June (week ending 9 June 2002) showed average weekly TV audience viewing had increased to 27.2 hours per week*, a 17% increase on the previous 10-week average viewing hours of 23.2 hours per week. For young adults aged 16-34, it was a +19% increase, to 23.8 hours per week, over the same period.

Currently, the weekly household audience reporting sample is just over 4,100 homes, which equates to over 9,400 Individuals aged 4+.

*Total TV viewing, All Individuals Aged 4+.

Says BARB chief executive Caroline McDevitt: “BARB’s television audience measurement system is an in-home, meter-based system, as its customers know. We currently have a reporting sample of just over 4,100 homes, broadly comparable to last year’s panel size, and is representative of the UK’s 24 million television viewers. It is well within the bounds of statistical accuracy. We are aiming to increase the reporting panel to 5,100 which will make it one of the largest in Europe.’

BARB is jointly owned by Channel 4, BSkyB, ITV, BBC and the IPA.

Data sourced from: BARB; additional content by WARC staff