According to insiders, Britain's quasi-monopolistic telecoms operator British Telecom is planning to axe its ‘prancing piper’ corporate logo, introduced at considerable cost and even greater derision twelve years ago as the symbol of a £50 million makeover.

At the time there were widespread criticisms of corporate insensitivity as the facelift coincided with a major programme of staff layoffs.

Word from within the bunker is that the cavorting commedia del'arte figure will be phased-out over the three year replacement cycle of BT’s massive vehicle fleet. However, a corporate spokesman was on security red alert: “We are reviewing our brand image, as all major companies do,” he conceded. “But no decision has been made yet.”

A BT mole was more forthcoming: “Obviously everything has a shelf life. If it were decided that we will change, it will be kept to a minimum cost.”

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