Despite the seemingly limitless range of TV channels on offer through cable and satellite packages, the British consumer appears reluctant to watch more television, according to a report by the medium’s watchdog, the Independent Television Commission.

“Despite the increasing choice of programming, UK viewers are not watching more television, with the average remaining 3.5 to four hours a day,” observed the ITC in its 2000 annual report.

Total television ad revenues last year hit £3.3 billion ($4.7bn), comprising 46% of all TV revenues, said the ITC. In addition, the commission announced that advertisers are spending more to reach consumers via multi-channel packages. The proportion of television ad revenue received by such services climbed in 2000 to 14%. This shift reflects the rapid uptake of digital TV, to which over 30% of British households now have access – the highest penetration in the world.

The ITC also confirmed earlier reports from Granada Media, Carlton Communications and others that TV adspend had slowed in the fourth quarter.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)